Slogan We are an active self help group of former heart patients and their partners / carers. We aim to boost the morale of both patients and partners so that they may look forward to a fulfilling future by being with others who have recovered from a Heart Attack and/ or surgery and have literally taken on a new lease of life. We welcome anyone who has had a Heart Attack ~ suffers from angina ~ has had heart surgery ~ has stents or pacemaker fitted ~ has high blood pressure ~ has heart concerns or any other heart problem.

We would like to invite people in and near to Chesterfield to join our friendly group, all of whom know what it is like to suffer from heart problems. You may have recently experienced problems and are feeling vulnerable, scared, and insecure and short of confidence, we can help you to cope with your feelings and come to terms with them. We exist to truly “Help each to believe there is indeed a tomorrow”. Our success is measured by the fact that we have been helping local people since 1985 and still have a growing, active and happy membership.

Please explore the pages of our website and we hope that you will find that we have a lot to offer. We would truly value the opportunity of welcoming you to our group.

About Our Group

Chesterfield Take Heart was started in 1985 by an ex-patient, a nurse from coronary care, a consultant and a social worker, who all believed that a self help group for heart patients would be beneficial.

Since 1995 Our Honorary President has been Doctor David Sandler. CARDIAC CONSULTANT at CHESTERFIELD ROYAL HOSPITAL

We meet once a month, inviting guest speakers and musical entertainers. We’ve enjoyed many informative talks from our own president Dr. David Sandler also his wife Clare who is also a GP and other health professionals. We also learn about local history and community issues

We have a committee made up of ex heart patients and carers; they run the group on behalf of its members

We have organised many Social Activities, meals and trips out, summer holidays and Christmas Parties & Meals

We have developed a successful Health Walking Group who meet regularly and enjoy health walks in some of the local parks & attractions

We have built a team of hospital visitors, all ex-patients themselves who visit the cardiac wards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital to see newly admitted patients to give support and encouragement

We have not affiliated to any other group, we receive no financial funding. We rely on our own fundraising activities and the extremely generous donations we receive from time to time, whenever our funds have allowed, we have provided financial support to local cardiac related causes and will continue to do so.

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