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Our History

Chesterfield Take Heart was started in 1985 by an ex-patient, a nurse from coronary care, a consultant and a social worker, who all believed that a self help group for heart patients would be beneficial.

Since 1995 Our Honorary President has been Doctor David Sandler. CARDIAC CONSULTANT at CHESTERFIELD ROYAL HOSPITAL

We meet once a month, inviting guest speakers and musical entertainers. We’ve enjoyed many informative talks from our own president Dr. David Sandler also his wife Clare who is also a GP and other health professionals. We also learn about local history and community issues.

We have a committee made up of ex heart patients and carers; they run the group on behalf of its members

We have organised many Social Activities, meals and trips out, summer holidays and Christmas Parties & Meals

We have developed a successful Health Walking Group who meet regularly and enjoy health walks in some of the local parks & attractions

We have built a team of hospital visitors, all ex-patients themselves who visit the cardiac wards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital to see newly admitted patients to give support and encouragement

We have not affiliated to any other group, we receive no financial funding. We rely on our own fundraising activities and the extremely generous donations we receive from time to time, whenever our funds have allowed, we have provided financial support to local cardiac related causes and will continue to do so.

Aims & Objectives

What We Do

We place equal importance on supporting both the patient and partner/carer as very often the latter is neglected but they too will be feeling anxious and have many question to ask but maybe think they have no one to talk to! . We have members who can offer support and comfort during your difficult times.

We have a team of Volunteer hospital visitors, all ex heart patients themselves and/or their partners. They visit the Cardiac Wards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital on a Monday & Thursday afternoon between 1.30 & 2,30pm to see newly admitted patients. Our visitors are full of cheerful chat and advice! , but much more they listen to the anxieties of patients and their partners. Patients are naturally worried sick that they have had a heart attack and are full of fears and concerns, but when they meet one of our reasonably healthy looking visitors who themselves have got heart conditions, it does them more good than just a pep talk!

Our visitors do not answer any questions of a medical nature

The group regularly advertises its meetings and activities under “grass roots” in the Derbyshire Times. We also advertise the group through this website, ward visits at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital or other venues that might be interested. Literature that may be found in GP Surgeries and at the hospital. You will also see our fund raising stalls at local events and attractions.

Our members receive a monthly newsletter as this is an excellent means of keeping in touch with everyone, especially those who cannot make it to every meeting. The newsletter gives details of forthcoming meetings and events, news items, reports on earlier meetings, announcements, quizzes, healthy recipes and member contributions.

Financially we rely entirely on the kindness of our members and our own local fund raising activities. The group has also received many donations over the years for which we remain immensely grateful. Of course being a self-help group we have to meet our own overheads but even so we are not driven by profit. Any surplus cash is used to benefit our members and from time to time we too have been able to make donations to Cardiac departments at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital and the Sheffield Northern General Hospital. For example in 2009 we donated £1500 to Chesterfield Royal Hospital Cardiac Unit.

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